Title:      WOODLAND WALKSHOP – observe, connect, create


Date:      SATURDAY 17TH MARCH 2018


A walkshop is workshop in nature where you explore a question, idea or problem and creatively get results.
You don’t have to be an artist, writer or creative. You will be guided by an artist who employs creative techniques in observation where you learn to use your senses to better observe, notice, respond and record your experiences. Through this process you begin to work with your intuitive self.

As you wind your way through the forest, you slowly engage in conversations with your self, with others and with nature.

Using your intuition you discover more of the natural world around you and more about your enquiry.
The creative exercises help you to focus your enquiry, then engage with a dialogue as everything you encounter is interpreted in relation to it.
The forest becomes a metaphor, a mirror, to which you encounter and learn from.

This process brings about a profound sense of peace, insight with some creative outputs in your recordings from the exercises. These are something you can then take forward and develop in your own creative practice, which could be the start of a poem, prose, journal, drawing, story or conversation to continue beyond the day.

We begin with introductions and then make our way through Forestside Woods.
Tiffany will carefully guide you through the forest and through each creative exercise.
Each one places your attention in different ways on the natural forms, colours, textures, sounds, smells and memories evoked by being out in the woods.
The focus is on the process of engaging with nature rather than making a picture of it.

Lunch is eaten out in the forest, we then return to the hall for hot drinks and to reflect and review.
For the final creative exercise you will take elements from your recordings to further explore or summarise your enquiry.

“I signed up for Tiffany’s Creative day in the Woods to enjoy a pleasant day out. it proved to be so much more than that.
I began to listen, sense and watch the woodland as a means of inspiring my future practice.
The course activities were very well planned and were all creative, absorbing and stimulating.

After a woodland lunch and a friendly chat, the group headed back to the Village Hall. The walk
home was different from the walk setting out. There was feeling of being in tune with life, at peace, inspired.

Once at the hall, we had over an hour to draw, photograph, contemplate the day’s experience. Tiffany’s drawings were beautiful. Simple ethereal charcoal and ink drawings of semi-abstract images of the day. She is talented, committed and very easy to be around.

If you feel under pressure, have artist’s block or just want a creative day outdoors to enjoy and remember,
I would wholeheartedly recommend Tiffany’s Woodland experience, I thoroughly enjoyed it and it definitely inspired my future practice.”
-Anthea Ryan

Tiffany has worked in education and the arts for the last 14 years and make expressive drawing, films and prose. She has lectured at University of Portsmouth, Southampton Solent University, managed and delivered creative workshops for young people, and currently teaches drawing days on the Foundation Art & Design course at West Dean College. Tiffany programmes art courses developing pathways and opportunities to support lifelong creative learning. She is currently in her fourth year of a five year training programme with psychology of vision. She has a passion for trees, drawing and perception.

£65 includes materials, tea/coffee, payable in advance.
To book your place email tiffany.robinson@btinternet.com

Backpack with a packed lunch
Flask, water
Portable stool if you have one, or waterproof rug (or you can sit on a branch/ground)
Sketchbook, pens, drawing media if you use it

Lots of layers! You will spend time both walking and sitting in the woods so the cold can feel colder, it is better to have too many layers than too few.
Waterproofs, even if it’s not raining, these keep the wind out.
Gloves/hats/waterproof footwear

This is an opportunity to explore outdoors, to let nature invigorate you including any rain. If the winds are extreme posing threat of falling trees then we will postpone until April.