Artists wield great power through sharing their gifts, often working with the unknown. The unknown is natural part of the creative process, but if you get stuck for too long, you can lose confidence, motivation and your sense of direction. You start playing small, occupying your time with unfulfilling activities, distractions or dramas.

Through one-to-one coaching, I help artists overcome fears, engage with their creative power and find their stride so they can make leaps in their practice.


I will support you to recognise your gifts, and share them in ways that fulfill and reward you.

What do you need to work on to make a leap in your practice?

Spend ten minutes writing about it, or drawing it, then email me to arrange a ten minute pre-coaching call.


No obligation enquiry call – free 10 minute call

Coaching – 1 hour (online or in person) £85

Coaching series – 6 sessions x 1 hour £320

I’ve supported hundreds of artists to make breakthroughs in their creative development through teaching, workshops and mentoring for over 15 years. As Founder and Director of Ch-Art, an artist-led network, lecturer to BA level students at two UK universities, and current Programme Leader for the Foundation of Art & Design at West Dean College of Arts & Conservation.
I have healed and trained through Psychology of Vision, leading and supporting workshops, helping people find peace of mind through discovering that the truth about themselves and their work is more beautiful they they could possibly imagine.