Artist Statement

Tiffany Robinson is a contemporary artist based in West Sussex, UK.

“I’m fascinated with the alchemy of art, nature and transcendence and combine walking practice with arts practice to make observations, drawings, films, audio recordings, and more recently paintings.

Walking is a way into a work, and it is of the work. I lead others to experience nature in new ways (see Walkshops), and I walk to make art.

 Whether walking lines through a forest, or drawing lines from my mind, each process makes connections between the experience of nature and the experience of life, revealed in the response.

All walks are interrupted with a pause, just like breathing, and it is in the pause that something new is accessed either in the the view of the physical world, the senses that experience it, or the energy or expansion that is felt. I take these experiences into the material process of making work, pausing lines in drawings, or using energies in the application of the paint to make intuitive, abstract work.

The process allows for unconscious or intangible influences to appear.  The work often has a dreamlike quality, presenting glimpses of the transcendent.

There is a performative element too, in the acts of walking, acts of noticing and acts of mark-making, which I bring into the process of making the work.”