Cambridge Sustainabiliy Residency – July 2016

In July 2016 I joined the Residency remotely connecting with selected artists in Cambridge from my studio at the Sustainability Centre, East Meon, Hampshire. I was to consider the psychological aspects affecting the responsibility (ie the ability to respond) to issues of sustainability that I experience in the context of my practice, my immediate environment as well as the experience of knowledge about wider world issues and how that knowledge is distributed, encountered and processed. My starting point was how guilt and shame disable and disrupt, and how other aspects of the mind affect ‘respons-ability’. There was no specified outcome or output. Maria Azcoitia facilitated links digitally with the group including live discussions, talks and film recordings. The group also communicated on a closed Facebook and WhatsApp group sharing insights, links, photographs and organising sessions. In preparation I met with Deborah Ravetz (artist, mentor and author ‘The Art of Being Human’) who gave me a framework to begin to understand what Social Sculpture is, and how to think about it in relation to my practice.

Exhibited at CSR Captura de pantalla 2016-07-27 a las 23.08.18









The research is ongoing, the focus being climate change as the ‘elephant in the room’, that which is known but ignored, that which I have ignored to some extent, to a great extent, because of the painful feelings of hopelessness associated with the effects. More to follow…