Drawing – landscapes of the mind

The land is not a separate place I go to, it is inside me and of me, it has filtered into my imagination and my understanding of myself and the fabric of the worlds through opening my mind to experience it.

The land is my mirror onto which nature reflects and evokes stories that provoke, resonate and resound the profound and the mundane. Like a drawing made with a simple mark from a piece of burnt wood on paper, it reveals a shape or resemblance that adds to life a knowing or an unknowing, that makes unknown tangible or the illusion released.

When I get lost in the process of making a mark or recording a forest, when I lose my ‘self’, get out of the way, that’s when the profound comes in. Some call it the divine, others call it inspiration. I drop into the unconscious or collective unconscious and pull into consciousness that which calls to be recognised, through art it is witnessed.

And I let it.

This theme pervades my work through drawing in different media.



Drawings that make the unknown tangible. The process is part of the work. This is what was left over.



After the fight, Duncton Woods, digital SLR.


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