50 Walks

50 walks

Woodland walk












On each walk we begin with a creative exercise to determine a subject or question, our enquiry for the journey, and then take that question into nature, into the forest.
Through a process of observation, conversation, drawing and writing  we use all of our senses in ‘acts of noticing’. These acts enable us to connect to nature, to communicate with each other, and to be more aware of the intuitive deep self, to discover.
Throughout the walk we make recordings of these observations, to capture the insights we find.
We use metaphor and narrative to make sense, to interpret, question and resolve.

The research phase of the project began March 2017, an example is here:
50 JOURNEYS/#1 Daisy

9.3.17   Daisy   ‘Jewel’

18.3.17   Mister P  ‘Relationship blocks’

29.3.17  Liz  ‘Moving forward’

2.4.17   Jackie ‘Fun’

13.4.17   Kate  ‘Soul path’

20.4.17   Nicola  ‘Power’

7.6.17   Chris  ‘Walls’

13.7.17   Claire  ‘Joy’

18.11.17   Sarah  ‘Letting go’

27.1.18   Deborah  ‘Sustaining art and rent’

8.3.18   Mel  ‘Choice’

5.4.18   Karen  ‘Connect / Collaborate’

Walks continue recorded in sketchbooks.

To take part email tiffany.robinson@btinternet.com