rise up Rise Up – online course for artists

Artists – learn how to apply your creative skills with a stronger sense of purpose, direction and power.

For you to rise up, we will delve deep to explore the underlying attitudes, beliefs and patterns that are anchoring your creative ambition and flow. How have you been holding yourself back?

The Course

Mondays 3:00 – 6:00pm

October 12, 19, 26
November 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30

Each week you will learn about the dynamics of the mind that have delayed and derailed your creative endeavours, and the tools to heal and overcome them. Starting with becoming accountable about where you are in denial, this exercise will give you a strong sense of personal direction for the course, of what you long for, and compassion for what you have been struggling with in your work.

Eight three hour sessions, laser 121’s plus email support £240

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Online live workshop via Zoom

Monthly online group coaching sessions for artists to express and heal issues affecting their creative practice

First Wednesday each month, 7.30 – 9.00am – all welcome

Each month Tiffany invites you reclaim more of your inner artist, to heal your issues and to ignite change within that will expand your creative practice making it more effective, rewarding and visionary.

You know when you go to start a work, if you stick to an image of how that will look or sound, and you try to create the image you have of the end result, the work is frustrating and a bit dull. But if you use that image instead as a starting point, something else happens that evolves into something you couldn’t have imagined, you have vision throughout each step of the work, and that is where the success is. It is the same with life. Where we created idols about success, about being an ‘artist’, about what our practice is, about happiness, we lose the ability to ‘see’ and learn and experiment, we start to control from fear instead of letting the creative life evolve, unfold, gain momentum.

Everyone will have opportunity to talk about their issue, sessions will be insightful, including discussion, joining and exercises, as you regain more and more of your creative capacity and use that in your work and in your life. You will be invited to make commitments to your practice, to your happiness and to your gifts.

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