View through spring woodland, deciduous, with sunlight from the field beyond

In psychological terms, we create our own reality.
If you can know what you created, why, and how it is affecting your life, you can change it.
The challenge is to find out what that is.

The Art of Enquiry is an extension of my arts practice, bringing together psychology, spirituality (‘other’), and creativity, in the place I love most – nature.

The Art of Enquiry is a way to ponder life questions at a deeper level, accessing the hidden parts of the mind that are often buried in full sight. For example when you know something’s not quite right – but can’t get your head or heart around it to make sense of it. The nature connection exercises bring you to your senses. They help you ‘see’ beyond the obvious using metaphor. Each walk is like stepping into a dream, it helps to get to the truth of what matters to you. The experiences of being in nature, expressing yourself creatively, and resolving life’s problems, make it an enjoyable and profound way to learn.

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