50 journeys / #1 Daisy: ‘Saving the world’

Walk with Daisy (and Flora the dog)

9th March 2017

Ranmore Common, near Effingham, Surrey

Daisy: what is the one missing nutrient, that one ingredient, the ‘jewel’ ingredient that would really nurture and feed everyone?

Daisy in coppice





Food has become so sanitised, it has all the right colours and shapes, but what nutrients have we lost in the process of making food that is mass-produced.  What has happened to our relationship to food that we do this and think nothing of it. Different bodies have different nutritional needs to maintain a balance, so perhaps there isn’t one perfect nutrient. The animals in Africa will all congregate to a salts infused water-hole that nourishes them, Neanderthal ‘Man’ was more advanced than originally thought and used penicillin and natural anaesthetics to control pain.
People paint themselves to look as perfect as the apples on the shop shelf, but what rich and juicy ‘jewel’ has become lost?

Walking with Daisy and Flora






Tiffany: what is the one ‘thing’ that I can believe in that will save the world? The thing that if I committed my all to, would make all the difference.

Saving the world
the whole wide world
is a thing to do,

said the Ego

You would then be tru-
-ly magnificent

valued and important,
Yes, that would be a thing

to do

paint the picture.

But you can’t even get that right,
so you put your brush down
tidy away the sketchbooks

and mourn.

But what if all you were meant to save
was this moment
and simply mark the sounds of the birds

onto this piece of paper

in celebration


Ash lit by the lowering sun